Retrouver les origines des descenents Batanga, Duala, Malimba:Les Malimba sont t-ils une etape charniere?

A Rapid Appraisal Survey of Malimba in Cameroon

Melinda Lamberty

SIL International


SIL Electronic Survey Report 2009-004, February 2009

© Melinda Lamberty and SIL International

All rights reserved


This short survey was carried out in November 2000, and the report was written in 2002. The

survey was undertaken with several questions in mind:

What is the current status of language vitality for Malimba?

How much do Malimba people use Duala, and do they understand it easily?

Could Malimba people use Duala literature?

Thus, the goal was to get an initial impression of the sociolinguistic situation in the areas of

dialectology, multilingualism, language vitality, and language attitudes using the Rapid

Appraisal method and wordlist elicitation.The full ocument can be found following the bellow link.

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